Kermit in his Brooks Brothers tux.

Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 and is the oldest men's clothier chain in the United States. It is headquartered in New York City and is best known as introducing the ready-to-wear suit to American customers. Famous clients have included Andy Warhol, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert as well as the television series Mad Men.

For the 2011 film The Muppets, Brooks Brothers provided Kermit with his on-screen wardrobe. In cross promotion, Kermit appeared on their website for an interview, as well as promotional materials in the store. In an interview with Brooks Brothers, Kermit revealed he got to keep his wardrobe. According to the official production notes, Brooks Brothers also provided much of Chris Cooper’s wardrobe as well as tuxedos for other cast members.

In an interview about his film wardrobe, Kermit said, “I was very excited about my new wardrobe, I don’t often wear clothes but when I do I want something classic and expertly tailored. Brooks Brothers was the perfect match and fit for me. Growing up as a tadpole in a swamp with 3,265 brothers and sisters, you can imagine that I had a lot of hand-me-downs. I love the fact that these items were made exclusively for me.”[1]

At the 2012 Academy Awards, Kermit wore Brooks Brothers. He donned his tux again in 2015 for a photo spread inside ODDA Magazine.


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