PERFORMER Brandon Maggart Buddy
  James Catusi Jim
DEBUT 1969

Buddy and Jim are a human comedy duo who appeared on Sesame Street during the first season. The bungling pair failed at such tasks as hanging a picture and making a sandwich. The sketches featured theme music by Joe Raposo. While usually only appearing in their own sketches, they are often mentioned by the adults before their segments start. Buddy also appeared without Jim in a couple of songs with the Anything Muppets, including "Before and After" (First: Episode 0047) and "Up and Down" (First: Episode 0060), both of which have him demonstrating things related to the songs. Jim appeared without Buddy in a segment where he blows up a balloon to demonstrate big and little and introduced Kermit the Frog on Episode 0059.

As described by Stefan Kanfer in a Nov. 23, 1970 TIME article, "In its first series, Sesame Street used two clowns, Buddy and Jim, to illustrate problem solving. They were a walking Polish joke, one lifting and turning the other to screw in a light bulb, refusing a nail because it was turned the wrong way."

They were replaced in season 2 by another comedy team, Larry and Phyllis, who were in turn succeeded by Wally and Ralph in season 3. Several of the latter's sketches were direct remakes of Buddy and Jim routines.


Picture Summary / First Description
Episode 0001
Buddy buys a picture that he wants to hang up. Jim decides to help him hang the picture, but encounters problems such as using a balloon to put a nail into a wall, realizing that the nail is pointing in the wrong direction, and eventually deciding that the artwork is the stupidest picture he has ever seen. This sketch was later remade with Wally and Ralph.
Ironing Board
Episode 0002
Buddy and Jim try to figure out a way to carry an ironing board (horizontally) from one room to another.
Episode 0003
Buddy and Jim have a difficult time in matching up a pair of tennis sneakers and a pair of heavy workboots with the right boxes.
Episode 0004
Buddy and Jim get confused when a picture falls off of the wall.
Episode 0005
Jim tries to explain to Buddy what umbrellas are for, but they are both clueless what to do after opening them. This sketch was later remade with Wally and Ralph.
Episode 0006
Buddy gives Jim a present, which is a mirror, but each one thinks it's a picture of themselves. This sketch was later remade with Wally and Ralph.
Episode 0007
Buddy and Jim struggle with replacing a light bulb.
Episode 0008
Buddy and Jim attempt to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich; ultimately, Buddy constructs it as a "triple-decker."
Window Frame
Episode 0009
Buddy and Jim struggle with round and square window frames.
Episode 0010
Buddy and Jim try to use a seesaw. This sketch was later remade with Wally and Ralph.
New Jacket
Episode 0011
Buddy comes home with a new jacket and Jim tries to find out how to get him to see the large label still on it.
Buddy and Jim Wall Painting
Wall Painting
Episode 0012
Paper Glider
Episode 0013
Buddy and Jim try to fly a paper airplane.
Episode 0014
Buddy and Jim try to play checkers, but they cannot get their chairs pointed in the right directions.
Episode 0015
Buddy and Jim struggle with buttons.
Shoe & Sock
Episode 0017
Buddy and Jim try to put on shoes and socks.
Buddy Jim soup fork
Soup and Fork
Episode 0019
Buddy and Jim try to eat soup with a fork.
Buddy Jim coins piggybank
Piggy Bank
Episode 0031
Jim finds Buddy with his money (4 assorted coins) taped to his forehead for safekeeping. Jim has a better idea, and presents Buddy with a piggy bank. After transferring the coins, Jim also gives Buddy a key to open the bank. But where should Buddy keep the key? Tape that to his forehead? Nope, he merrily drops the key inside the piggy bank, since that's as safe a place as any! This sketch was later remade with Wally and Ralph.

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