Buh (left), with Feli Filu
PERFORMER Friedrich Wollweber
DEBUT 1989

Buh is an old gray owl from Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street.

Buh was kind of slow and liked to sleep. He lived in a hollow tree and played the trumpet. Sometimes Buh investigated as a detective, but he regularly fell victim to Feli Filu's mischief. According to the show's writers, he wasn't used very often, as they found him to be a difficult character to write for.

Buh was added to the Sesamstrasse cast in 1989, alongside Rumpel and Simson. He was mostly active until 2002. Two slightly different versions of the puppet existed, with the major difference having been in the material that his beak was made of.


  • On the first version of the puppet (seen below), the character's mouth was puppeteered in reverse. The puppeteer had to push his fingers together for Buh to open his beak (similar to clothespins). This was changed on the puppet's second version (seen above).
  • Friedrich Wollweber, Buh's performer, played Günni on the first season of Eine Möhre für Zwei.