PERFORMER Markus Krüger
DEBUT 1976

Bumfidel is a child character who appeared in film segments on Sesamstrasse beginning in 1976, replacing the street scenes from American Sesame Street. Bumfidel was a cheerful child who lived with his mother (played by Ingeburg Kanstein). He had a fondness for animals and toys and had various adventures.

The character proved popular enough to launch a series of children's books, as well as the 1976 record album Bumfidel aus der Sesamstrasse. The segments were filmed in Hamburg.


  • Bumfidel has a problem with his many animals. (Folge 0261)
  • Bumfidel thinks about what profession he'd like. (Folge 0266)
  • Bumfidel finds some old toys. (Folge 0271)
  • Bumfidel misses a shower. (Folge 0276)
  • Bumfidel is the guest of some fishermen. (Folge 0281)
  • Bumfidel explains that his name is not a nickname. (Folge 0301)
  • Bumfidel taps into a rosebed. (Folge 0306)
  • Bumfidel sunbathes... in the rain. (Folge 0311)
  • Bumfidel complains about noise. (Folge 0314)
  • Bumfidel is asked if he has eaten his cake. (Folge 0316)
  • Bumfidel takes part in a masquerade. (Folge 0321)
  • Bumfidel participates in a wedding as best man. (Folge 0326)
  • Must Bumfidel wear glasses? (Folge 0331)