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Bust of Beethoven TMS324
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1978
Muppet Legos 71033 Rowlf accessories

In Lego form

The Bust of Beethoven is a statue of Ludwig van Beethoven, who occasionally comments on Rowlf's piano playing on The Muppet Show. The bust first appeared in episode 312.

In episode 324, he had a run-in with Kermit:

Kermit: If I remember my history, Beethoven was supposed to be deaf.
Bust: I'm not Beethoven, dummy, I'm a bust of Beethoven!
Kermit: Of course.
Bust: It's a job. You gotta do something for a living, I'm a bust of Beethoven. Any more questions?

However, in episode 405, when Victor Borge plays Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and Fozzie thinks the pianist made a mistake, the Bust assures him, "No, that's the way I wrote it."

Toy versions of the Bust of Beethoven were created as a pack-in for the Palisades Rowlf Action Figure in 2003, Rowlf's Diamond Select action figure in 2017, as a digital decoration in My Muppets Show in 2013, and as an accessory for the Rowlf Lego minifigure in 2022.


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