Busy builders4

Busy Builders Playtown is a Sesame Street playset made by Colorforms in 1991.

The set can be assembled into a 3-D diorama of Sesame Street, with busy storefronts on one side and the inside of the shops and apartments on the back.

The Muppet characters are on cardstock, and can stand up when inserted into a cardstock base. The set comes with plastic Colorforms outfits and accessories which can be added to the characters or the background scenes.

The characters include Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Bert, Elmo, Herry Monster, Count von Count, Prairie Dawn, Mr. Snuffleupagus and Alice Snuffleupagus. Little Bird perches on the Sesame Street street sign. The set also includes beds marked with E and B, from Ernie and Bert's apartment.