Busy Poppin' Pals is a toy created by Milton Bradley, under the Playskool label. A Sesame Street version was produced in 1980, as well as a version with Walt Disney characters.

The toy has five 5 pop-up doors, each featuring a Sesame character -- Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. When a switch is activated, the corresponding door is opened, revealing a character.

A later version of the toy replaced Oscar with Elmo, and featured rounder, more baby-like sculpts for the characters.

In 1995, rival toy maker Fisher-Price produced a similar toy, Pop-Up Pals. The Fisher-Price versions of the toy include voice chips, so that the characters talk and sing.

In 2000, Playskool (now part of Hasbro) issued a recall for the Sesame Busy Poppin' Pals toys, in response to reports that the toys' springs were breaking, posing a choking danger for children.

Following the 2000 recall, Playskool continues to market several versions of the Busy Poppin' Pals toys; the current version features jungle animals. They have not yet made another Sesame Street version of the toy despite them currently having the license for all Sesame Street toys since 2011.

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