Written by Henri Betti & André Hornez (original)
Lyrics by Stan Freberg (additional dialogue)
Date 1954
Source Capitol record

"C'est Si Bon" is a French song (literally meaning "It's So Good") first written in 1947, with the first English version in 1950. In 1953, Eartha Kitt recorded a hit version (in the original French, but with some English side comments), which was parodied by Stan Freberg (vocally imitating Kitt) the following year.

The Freberg track was used in one of the surviving episodes of Sam and Friends. In a French village setting, Moldy Hay lip synchs to Stan Freberg's rendition of "C'est Si Bon," with Hank and Frank constantly missing their cues as his backup choir. Kermit makes a cameo appearance, giving them a signal.

The episode ends with a commercial for sponsor Esskay Meats, featuring an early version of Limbo (a moving mouth and two dots for eyes) in a little girl Muppet's mirror, explaining that Esskay Chicken is "the fairest chick of them all."

Sam and Friends - C'est Ci Bon

Sam and Friends - C'est Ci Bon

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