CDE is a television network in the 2011 film The Muppets. When the Muppet gang comes back together, they pitch their idea for a telethon to the network executive, Veronica. She deems the Muppets as out of fashion in comparison to the channel's hit program Punch Teacher. However, after the show's sudden cancellation due to teacher complaints, she decides to let the Muppets fill the void on the condition that they get a celebrity host for their telethon.

According to the network's prime time schedule, shows on the network include: "The Bachelor Set," "Ker-Pow," "5th Ward Precinct Live," "Credit Card Club," "Different Families," In the Middle," "Grown Men," "Up Beat," "Nora & Nora," "Albany," "Twentyfourseven," "Have Camera, Will Travel," "That's Not My House!," "Estates," and "Scandals." Some of these titles parody actual programming from ABC, which is absent from the list of networks on the schedule.

Prime-Time Schedule

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Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE The Bachelor Set  
CBS I am Not Your Father Rules of Commitment Dad and a Half Geeks and a Girl  
NBC Stand Up or Sit Down DOA
FOX Don't Tell Me the Truth Familiar Pattern  
CW Last Chance Salon Speak to the Hand  


Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Ker-Pow 5th Ward Precinct Live Credit Card Club
CBS NICS NICS: CA Standing Firm
NBC Weight Losers Broadway or Bust It's the Law
FOX Chef vs Chef vs Chef Chef vs Chef vs Chef  
CW Where We Live Unexpected Love  


Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Different Families In The Middle Different Families Grown Men Up Beat
CBS Back in Business Dr. Detective Lawyer with a Baby Ghost Cop
NBC Broadway or Bust Broadway or Bust (R) It's the Law: CVS
FOX Dance, Dance, Dance (R) One, Two, and a Three  
CW Too Skinny, Me? Stay Young Forever Celebrity Manhunt  


Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Nora & Nora Drama (R) Drama (R)
CBS Man vs Nature Evidence or Proof The Numismatist
NBC Home Sweet Home Show Me The Question Working Blues Behind the Dreams Working Blues (R) Municipal Mom
FOX Dance, Dance, Dance  
CW Vampires and Me Midnights  


Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Albany Twentyforseven Twentyforseven (R)
CBS Ghosts in the Machine Pointflash Houston Hospital
NBC USA at Work and Play Deadline  
FOX Drones Detective Doctor  
CW Where's the Shoe? Too Skinny, Me? (R)  


Network 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Drama (R) Punch Teacher The Muppets Telethon
CBS Final Countdown Key Swap  
NBC Drama (R) It's the Law (R) It's the Law: SUV (R)
FOX Police to Meet You My New Moms  


Network 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CDE Have Camera, Will Travel That's Not My House Estates Scandals
CBS 30 Minutes Court Case Workspace
NBC Nighttime Now Another Cop It's the Law (R)
FOX Once Been Houston Med The Simples Abysmal Street Number One Dad Let Them Eat Cake  

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