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C is for Celebration
Sesame Street Live 01

C is for Celebration is a scaled down version of the Sesame Street Live show Let's Party!, premiering August 18, 2018.

Your friends from Sesame Street are throwing a street celebration to bring the neighborhood together and everyone is invited. Join in the excitement, laughter and music of Sesame Street Live! C is for Celebration! Sing and dance along as Elmo cuts loose. Marvel as Abby chases away the rain. Shake it up with Cookie Monster. Be amazed as Grover flies. And move to the music with Rosita.

Sesame Street Live! C is for Celebration! is what friends, family and forever memories are all about!


  1. People in Your Neighborhood
  2. It's Nice to be Kind
  3. Dancing is Easy
  4. Spanish Me, English Me
  5. C is for Cookie
  6. Break it Off
  7. Happy Thoughts
  8. Jumping in Puddles
  9. Just Like Magic
  10. Sesame Street Theme
  11. You Put The U In Community
  12. Smarter, Stronger, Kinder