Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1971
Publisher Green Fox Music / Jonico Music
First Episode 0372

"C is for Cookie" is Cookie Monster's signature song.

Versions of the song


The original version of the song featured Cookie Monster standing behind a giant letter C, with a black background that eventually lightened to reveal a monster chorus including Grover, Fenwick, Herry Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Billy.

In the early 1990's (First: Episode 2710), Candice Bergen paid a visit to the Fix-It Shop to have her radio repaired. To test it out, she lip-synced to the song, complete with some visual aids. A brief instrumental from the song also appears as the sketch's ending music button.

In 1993, a new operatic version was taped, featuring opera singer Marilyn Horne as Cleopatra in an Egyptian setting, with a pyramid made entirely out of cookies in the background. At the end of the song once Cleopatra is carried away out of sight, Cookie Monster appears in Egyptian clothing and pulls a cookie off the pyramid, causing it to collapse with a huge crash. This version includes a brief introductory verse (titled "All the Sky Has Turned Gray"), written by Luis Santeiro and Dave Conner.[1] (First: Episode 3189)

In Season 30, another new version was filmed, once again sung by Cookie Monster (by re-using the original soundtrack), but this time standing in front of the giant C on a light blue background with fancy light effects. The chorus of monsters included Grover, Herry Monster, Elmo, Zoe, Telly, and Rosita. (First: Episode 3804)

A "mash-up" of the different performances is included on the DVD, C is for Cookie Monster. Similarly, a clip montage in Sesame Street All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever! features clips from the original, Marilyn Horne's version, and the segment with Candice Bergen mixed together.

Other appearances

Elmopalooza - C is for Cookie


Clips from the original version of this song appeared in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years, The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson, the Great Performances documentary The World of Jim Henson and Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Streets Forever.

A brief clip from the opera version also appeared in Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Streets Forever and the full clip appeared in Sesame Street Jam: A Musical Celebration and The Street We Live On.

A group of Grouches perform a variation of the song Episode 1562 as Oscar the Grouch's campaign song, "O is for Oscar."

Episode 3018 features Lillian singing the song, only changed to name foods beginning with the letter P.

Baby Bear has periodically been heard singing a version of the song, "P is for Porridge," to himself in a number of episodes.

In a 1997 episode, the song is featured as "C is for Cuckoo," the cuckoo bird national anthem.

Cookie Monster sang a verse of the song in Elmopalooza.

In a 1998 episode, Big Bird got the song stuck in his head after watching the newer clip of the song, and constantly tried to find ways to get the song out of his head so he could do other things (such as tell the viewers what the number of the day is).

In a 2004 episode, Telly received letters from his Letter of the Month club; whenever he pressed a button on his letter C, it played an audio recording of Cookie Monster saying "C is for cookie". In a Play with Me Sesame insert, Cookie sings the song with Grover as part of his "Move and Groove" segment.

Cues from the song have been used as background music in a 2008 episode and a 2009 episode and as a music button at the end of Adam Sandler and Cookie Monster's explanation of the word "crunchy".

In a Plaza Sésamo insert, Pancho Contreras sings a version of the song, "C Es De Cebolla", singing in praise of his favorite food, onions. (YouTube)

In a season 42 episode of Sesame Street, Gordon pulls a cactus from Big Bird's nest. He and Big Bird sing a short little song - "C is for Cactus." In a season 43 episode, while looking for a song for the letter G, Super Grover (knowing only that he needs a letter song) suggests "C is for Cookie," singing a small portion of it. A trio of horses hum the song in a season 44 sketch.

Cookie Monster also sang the song at the Jim Henson's Musical World concert on April 14, 2012.

The origin of the song is touched upon in the 2016 special Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas. In a 19th Century version of Sesame Street (as shown in a bedtime story for Elmo), Santa Claus tells Cookie Monster's great-grandmonster that he's been writing a song, "C is for...," and needs a hook. He and Cookie think for a bit and Cookie remarks, "Well, c is for cookie and that good enough for me." Santa passes on that idea, however. The tune is briefly quoted in the score as Santa Claus later gobbles down some cookies in Cookie Monster-fashion.



Slate for the original "C is for Cookie," which was taped on green sceen.


C is for Cookie single


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Opera version


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Mentions in Pop Culture

  • In one segment of "Weird Al" Yankovic's 2000 MTV Al-TV 2K special, Al read an extremely long title for a fictional upcoming album by Fiona Apple, the title was full of pop culture references—part of the title included "...C is for Cookie and That's Good Enough For Me..."
  • During a spring 2001 edition of WWF's Monday Night Raw, in a promotional segment for what would have been the relaunch of WCW, Shane McMahon was saying what his new "W-C-W" abbreviation would stand for, and said "C... is for cookie. And that's good enough for me!"
  • On one episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert began the show by saying, "Sorry, Cookie Monster, C is for Colbert. This is the Eponymous Report!"
  • In another episode, Stephen Colbert interviews Frank Oz. In his introduction acknowledging his guest's roles as both Yoda and Cookie Monster, Colbert says, "I'll ask him if 'for Cookie C is.' "

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