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Snuffy, seen here in Episode 2150, considers cabbage one of his favorite foods.

A Muppet cabbage first appeared on The Muppet Show on episode 208 as part of Marvin Suggs' All Food Glee Club. During the number "Yes, We Have No Bananas," he is asked by Suggs: "How are you, Cabbage?" and responds "Oh, getting ahead."

A group of unruly cabbages were also featured in the 1979 comic The Comic Muppet Book. The cabbages have spindly arms and legs, and wear walnut shells as helmets as they take to the halls of The Muppet Theatre in revolt.

The cabbages make their presence felt early on in the book, calling Kermit and demanding a spot in the book for "the Cabbage Liberation Movement". Kermit refuses, and the cabbages yell, "Oh yeah? Then it's time we struck a blow for vegetable equality!" Kermit shrugs, "I think the cabbages are revolting." Soon, the cabbages take action, stealing Robin's skateboard from Fozzie Bear and rolling away, screaming, "CABBAGE POWER!"

The cabbages' specific revolutionary ambitions are unclear. They spend the rest of the book screeching around the theater on the purloined skateboard, yelling slogans. Finally, a team of Muppets -- including Robin, Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Animal and Sweetums -- manage to cut the cabbages off and capture them in a surprisingly difficult battle. (Dr. Teeth is seen afterwards looking bruised and shaken, despite the obvious imbalance between the opposing forces.)

The cabbages are brought to the canteen, where the Swedish Chef plans to cook some "yümmy cabbage stoöw". When the prisoners point at their walnut-shell hats and claim to be nuts, the Chef rubs his hands and suggests "der yümmy nüt cütlets". The rebellious cabbages are never seen again.

Mr. Snuffleupagus considers cabbage one of his favorite foods, indulging in them as early as Episode 0731.

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