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PERFORMER Frank Welker 1984-1990
  Melanie Harrison 2018
DEBUT 1984

Camilla is the rag doll chicken treasured by Baby Gonzo on Muppet Babies. Though seemingly a lifeless doll in the nursery segments, Camilla often comes to life and acts as a participant in the babies' fantasies.

Muppet Babies reboot

In the 2018 series, Camilla appears as a real baby chick rather than a stuffed doll or animate only in imaginary sequences as in the 1980s version. She's joined by several multi-colored companions who live in the backyard chicken coop: Priscilla (yellow) and Beep (brown) are introduced early in the series. The occasional recurring Patch (pink) debuted in "Gonzo's Coop Dreams." As their names imply, Beep makes the sound of a car horn rather than clucking, and Patch wears an eye patch over her eye. Dee Bradley Baker clucks as Priscilla, while Ben Diskin does likewise as Patch.

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