The Canadian Brass is a brass quintet founded in 1970 who have recorded dozens of albums including The Mozart Album, Ain't Misbehavin' and Other Fats Waller Hits and several Christmas albums.

They have appeared on Sesame Street in several segments during tenth and eleventh seasons. At the time of these segments, the quintet consisted of:

  • Charles Daellenbach (tuba)
  • Gene Watts (trombone)
  • Graeme Page (French horn)
  • Fred Mills (trumpet)
  • Ronald Romm (trumpet)


Picture First Appearance Description
Episode 1253 The group performs Bach's "Little Fugue in G Minor" on the steps in the arbor.
Episode 1253 Mills tries to talk to the kids about the trumpet, but an Anything Muppet boy (Bob Payne) says all that can be said first.
Episode 1264 The group play "Flight of the Bumblebee." Daellenbach can't stand for his solo because of his heavy tuba and gets some help from his bandmates.
Episode 1272 Romm and Page learn how to cooperate.
Episode 1272 The group performs "Ode to Joy" at Oscar's trash can.
Daellenbach tuba Oscar.jpg
Episode 1284 Daellenbach shows kids how the tuba works. Oscar, attracted to the noise, sits in with his mangled trombone.
Episode 1392 Bob sings "Play a Simple Melody" with the group.

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