Canadian Snout Fever is an illness listed in a book of silly diseases that Vicki wanted to use in episode 107 of The Jim Henson Hour. Kermit tells Vicki that she doesn't need the book, so she throws it away -- and it drops onto Link Hogthrob's head. Link reads the description of the disease, and after a series of coincidences, believes that he has the disease.


  • Bump on the head (which Link got because the book fell on him)
  • Amnesia (which Link thought he had because he couldn't remember how he got the book)
  • Hearing strange sounds and voices (hearing Smokey Robinson talking and knocking on a TV monitor behind Link)
  • Nose popping (Bean Bunny's balloon popped, yet Link thought it was his nose)
  • Mispronouncing words (when Link said it was "Doom, doom, doom", Leon remarked that "that's dumb, dumb, dumb!", causing Link to think he'd mispronounced words)
  • Loss of legs (Link got a wheelchair in anticipation)