Candy Kugel is a New York-based animator and co-head of Buzzco Associates, Inc., a studio which has supplied multiple animated segments for Sesame Street. Kugel co-directed the segments with Vincent Caferelli, animated, and often designed them. She also wrote lyrics for some of the song segments.

Kugel worked with producer Buzz Potamkin at Perpetual Motion Pictures, working with Caferelli on a series of Berenstein Bears seasonal specials, and specials with merchandise characters Strawberry Shortcake and Wacky Walls. Kugel and Caferelli went with Potamkin to Buzzco, and took the reins when Potamkin stepped down. They did opening titles for the Teen Wolf series.

Kugel later wrote and directed the "Pollyand the Pirate" segments on Between the Lions and shared in a 2008 Emmy award for Outstanding Writing in a Children's series.


(all with Lanny Meyers)