Cantus Cove

Satellite Photo of Cantus Cove and Caspar, CA.

Cantus Cove is part of the California coast line, located on the Pacific coast near Caspar Point in Caspar, CA. The coastal landform was named by Jerry and Susan Juhl in honor of Jim Henson.

In the 1990s, the Juhls dedicated some of their private land to be used as a public access point to a cove down along their property. When it came time to place a sign at the access point, it was discovered that the cove was unnamed, and they had the opportunity to name it.

Both Juhls were writers on Fraggle Rock, and avid music appreciators. They chose the name "Cantus Cove" after Cantus the Minstrel, the inspirational traveling musician of Fraggle Rock.

The story of Cantus Cove was discussed in detail by Jerry and Susan in a featurette on the Fraggle Rock: Complete First Season DVD box set.

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