PERFORMER Eric Jacobson
DEBUT 2014

Cap-ten Kirk is a parody of William Shatner's character from the Star Trek series. He appears in a season 45 episode of Sesame Street.

When Elmo can't count to 10 with his favorite hero Green LanTen at NumericCon, Cap-ten Kirk beams in to assist. He speaks in the oft-spoofed cadence made famous by William Shatner's acting style and wears a starfleet uniform from the classic Star Trek series with a 10 on the logo. Asking Elmo if he wants to "boldly go where no monster has gone before," he leads Elmo in a count to 10, the CapTen Kirk way, with dramatic pauses and gestures. Referencing an iconic scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, he leaves shouting, "I love it here at NumericCOOOOOOONNN!"