PERFORMER David Rudman Captain Schnook
  Jerry Nelson Mr. Schneeze
DEBUT 1993
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand, Schnook
Orange Gold, Schneeze

Captain Schnook and Mr. Schneeze are pirates who appear in Episode 3069 of Sesame Street. Prairie Dawn doesn't believe they're real pirates, but Mr. Schneeze tries to convince her of Captain Schnook's greatness. Schnook chooses Prairie to play the piano while they sing. She agrees to do so, but soon finds out that they don't have a ship, so Captain Schnook has Mr. Schneeze refurbish the Fix-It Shop into a shop-ship.

Later, it's revealed that Schnook and Schneeze were actually pretending to be pirates; Schnook is a used car salesman and Schneeze is an accountant. At the end of the episode, the former pirates decide to become Russian folk dancers.

Captain Schnook and Mr. Schneeze are respective parodies of Captain Hook and Mr. Smee from the original story of Peter Pan.