Sesame Street Elmo's Virtual Hug CaringForEachOther

Sesame Street Elmo's Virtual Hug CaringForEachOther

Elmo's Virtual Hug

Caring for Each Other is a 2020 initiative from Sesame Workshop to help young children and their families cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative consists of videos, coloring pages, eBooks, and information sheets aimed at parents to help navigate "the for now normal."

The initiative features existing videos that spotlight health and safety tips such as staying clean and hugging oneself. Links are included to full Sesame Street episodes and eBooks to help people stay entertained.

Original short-form videos produced for the initiative, live-action and animated, have been posted to Sesame Street’s social media. In addition, resources for parents have been posted about how to explain COVID-19 to kids and self-care for adults. The initiative intends to update regularly as the pandemic plays out, with original and existing content being continually added.

A television special produced as part of the initiative, Elmo's Playdate, aired on April 14.


  • Abby Cadabby hosts several video chats. Some are part of a recurring series where she hosts "dance parties", encouraging kids to move around and play. In the first of these, she briefly talks to an off-camera Rudy; in another, she dances with Zoe and Rosita over a video chat.(YouTube) (YouTube) (YouTube) Others are more like traditional PSAs. In the first of these, she talks about how to self-hug.(YouTube) In another video, posted to most of Sesame’s social media accounts sans YouTube, Abby gives a thank you message to healthcare workers and their families.
  • Several animated videos, featuring voice-over narration by Tyler Bunch, show the Sesame Street characters demonstrating safe hygienic practices. Two videos feature the song "Brushy Brush" rewritten as "Washy Wash" and another a parody of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" featuring a chicken saying "Wash Hands Now". (YouTube) (YouTube) (YouTube) (YouTube)
  • Cookie Monster hosts his own web series "Snack Chat," advising the viewers to wash their hands before snacking, showing how to eat a cookie, how to make a smoothie, how to eat hummus and carrots and about waiting for your Mommy before eating a banana. (YouTube) (YouTube) (YouTube) (YouTube)
  • Louie offers some self-care advice for overwhelmed parents, while his son Elmo tries to get his attention off-screen. (YouTube)
  • Alan hosts a "Story Time" series in which he reads aloud Sesame Street storybooks, such as The Bunny Hop and Love from Sesame Street. (YouTube) (YouTube) In another PSA directed at adults, Alan explains how he has adapted his morning routine, with quick appearances from Louie, the Count, and Cookie Monster joining him for a video chat. (YouTube)
  • The Count lists and thanks the various frontline workers. (YouTube)
  • Rosita demonstrates belly breathing in one video, and reads a short story she wrote in another. (YouTube) (YouTube)
  • Telly Monster shows off a blanket fort that he has built to help himself feel comfortable and safe. (YouTube)

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