Bruce and Carole Hart.

Carole Hart (née Strickler; 1943-2018) was the first credited female writer on Sesame Street, writing for the show's first season alongside her husband Bruce Hart. The Harts left Sesame Street after its first season to work on other projects, including the Marlo Thomas special Free to Be... You and Me (which Carole Hart also produced).

A native of Paterson, New Jersey, Carole Hart graduated with a degree in philosophy from Barnard College. She became an advocate for spirituality and alternative medicine and was a founding member of the Circle for Original Thinking. She was married to Bruce Hart from 1963 until his death in 2006. In addition to writing, she produced several TV movies and specials, including reteaming with Marlo Thomas for It Happened One Christmas (with Orson Welles) and Reunion (with Frances Sternhagen).

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