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PERFORMER Julianne Buescher face
  Star Townshend body
  Jessica Lundy voice
DEBUT 1991

Caroline in season 3

Caroline Foxworth is a dinosaur girl from Bob LaBrea High School on Dinosaurs. Robbie had a crush on her.

Caroline was first seen in "How to Pick Up Girls," in which Robbie gets help from Spike on how to impress her. His new-found animalistic behavior disgusted her greatly. Robbie also embarrassed himself by doing the Mating Dance for Caroline in front of all his classmates ("Dirty Dancin'").

Nevertheless, Robbie managed to befriend Caroline and even ask her out - after swallowing a dose of Thornoids - in "Steroids to Heaven." After their disastrous date, marred by Robbie's thornoid-induced rage, Robbie switched his romantic attentions to Wendy Richfield, daughter of B.P. Richfield.

During her first appearance, Caroline was green with spots, like Mindy (for whom the identical puppet suit was always used). For the third season, a light brown, crested Unisaur with pink stripes was used for female characters (including Caroline).



  1. ↑ Julianne Buescher supplied the facial puppetry and voice, credited with "Additional Dinosaur Performers," as was Star Townshend, the suit performer for most female Unisaurs.