Cats & Dogs is a 2001 film for which Jim Henson's Creature Shop supplied multiple realistic canine and feline animatronic puppets for 12 characters, which were then blended with CG lip elements, and one largely CG character (the Russian cat), and live animals. The lead cat, the villainous Mr. Tinkles, made a live appearance at MuppetFest.

David Barclay served as animatronic effects supervisor. Puppeteers included Adam Behr, Kevin Carlson, Alejandro Diaz (for KNB EFX Group), Randi Kaplan, John Kennedy, Luke Khanlian (for KNB EFX Group), Bruce Lanoil (lead performer for Mr. Tinkles), Drew Massey, Gord Robertson, Michelan Sisti, and Allan Trautman (lead puppeteer for Calico). Marian Keating and Julie Zobel were senior fabricators, and Rob Hinderstein supplied eyes, teeth, and tongues.

The 2010 sequel Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore did not have involvement of the Creature Shop, instead Lee Romaire Studios provided the creatures. David Barclay was once again the animatronic effects supervisor.


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