Residents of Fraggle Cave line up.

The Cave Fraggles are the occupants of Fraggle Cave, as seen in the "Fraggle Wars" episode of Fraggle Rock. They are very different from the Fraggles who live in Fraggle Rock. For one thing, the Cave Fraggles are far less colorful than other Fraggles, colored in mostly browns and grays. They also seem to lack the same kind of individuality of other Fraggles; their clothes are all very much the same, and they are frequently seen chanting together. Whereas Fraggles of the Rock love fun and frolic, the Cave Fraggles prefer order and picking up rocks. Much like Boober Fraggle, they worry a great deal and have "no time left for being brave." Though they dislike the idea of telling jokes, playing games, swimming, and saying, "Whoopee!" (they consider the word profanity), the Cave Fraggles do find enjoyment in the mundane, particularly in dusting, and also sing and dance like other Fraggles, albeit in monotone.

Enemy Fraggles


The Cave Fraggles, ready for war


Mokey tries to teach Cave Fraggles about art and their inner voice. All they hear is their lunch.

The Fraggles of the Cave and the Rock became enemies because of an apparent lack of humor on the Cave Fraggles' part. According to The World's Oldest Fraggle,

They didn't laugh at radish jokes, they didn't laugh at Gorg jokes; they didn't even laugh at jokes about Fraggles who ate their socks... they thought the funniest thing about a Fraggle getting hit in the face with a pie was having to clean it all up!

When Mokey Fraggle was taken captive as an enemy Fraggle, the Cave Fraggles used chapter three, section seven of The Fraggle Security Manual as a guide on how to care for and feed her. Based on the rulebook, they also claimed it necessary to use weapons to guard their prisoners, something Fraggles of the Rock normally avoid.

Red Fraggle and Beige Fraggle brought peace between the two Fraggle populations, ending the war by hitting the two oldest Fraggles (the World's Oldest Fraggle and the The Cave's Oldest Fraggle) with pies. As a show of peace between the former enemy Fraggles, those dwelling in Fraggle Cave took up the term "Whoopee!".

Named Cave Fraggles

Cave Fraggle Songs

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