Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Christopher Cerf & Emily Perl Kingsley
Date 1992
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
Splotched Animal Music
First Episode 3015

A two-part Sesame Street song teaching the words cerrado (the Spanish word for closed) and abierto (the Spanish word for open).

  • Part 1: Cerrado
Maria leaves the Fix-It Shop due to a house call from a neurotic green Anything Muppet (David Rudman) who is frustrated because everything in his house is cerrado. He sings about his problem, accompanied by some back-up musicians. Maria gives him a sign reading "Abierto," which automatically opens everything.
  • Part 2: Abierto
The man has another problem: this time everything is abierto, and like in part one, he sings about his frustration. Maria gives him a sign reading "Cerrado," and everything automatically closes again.
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