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DEBUT 1992

Chairman Blodgett is a large, cigar-chomping monster who appears in the Muppet Meeting Film, "Think Bigger."

He and his small monstrous staff (including the smallest and most neglected, Flunky) make ill-informed business deals from their disorganized office. He and the others constantly ignore Flunky's cries of attention and finally allow him to speak when he brings up new business. He proposes to the crew that the company value, encourage and reward ideas from all levels. Chairman Blodgett then consumes Flunky and takes credit for the idea. Flunky delivers comeuppance to the boss by blowing him up with a bomb from within his stomach. Flunky, now the de facto chairman, proposes he and his new subordinates now take a coffee break.

The puppet would later become Big Mean Carl on Muppets Tonight and subsequent productions. Blodgett also anticipated Carl's trademark habit of eating characters smaller than himself.