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Characters named after performers/crew

The Muppets

Sesame Street

Fraggle Rock

The Animal Show


  • It was originally suggested that Zoe on Sesame Street be named after her performer, Fran Brill. Brill didn't want a puppet named after her, so she suggested naming the puppet Zoe after the J. D. Salinger novel Franny and Zooey.[1]

Characters named after other people

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Characters named after places

Characters named after filmmaking techniques

  • Limbo — used in video production to indicate a neutral or nondescript background.
  • Gobo — short for "go between"; a lighting term used in film, television and theatre.
  • Traveling Matt — from "traveling matte," a technique used in television and film to insert a foreground object into a prerecorded background image.
  • Waldo — after the waldo, the electronic device used to perform him.

Characters whose names are puns


Characters whose names are anagrams

Other name origins

  • Beaker — named after the piece of lab equipment.
  • Boober — named after an angry cow encountered by one of Jim Henson's daughters in Devon.


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