Sesame Street Chariots of Fur

Sesame Street Chariots of Fur

"Chariots of Fur", the Monsterpiece Theatre parody of Chariots of Fire.


A spoof of the iconic image from the film

Chariots of Fire is a 1981 British film based loosely on the 1924 Summer Olympic Games. The film follows a British athletic team before and during the games in Paris. The film won the Best Picture Oscar.

The film was spoofed as a segment on "Monsterpiece Theater". In keeping with the British tone of the film, stars Herry Monster and Grover refer to each other as "old bean" and "old chap."

The film was spoofed in another Sesame Street segment, with Gordon going on a morning jog to music and camera angles similar to the film. (First: Episode 1727)

Gobo and Wembley parody the movie's slow-motion run scenes in Wembley and the Great Race.


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