The passageway to Charlie's inner sanctum: "Okay Charlie, broil the biggie!"

Charlie is the owner and chef at Charlie's Restaurant in the Grover the Waiter sketches on Sesame Street. Surprisingly, frequent patron Mr. Johnson has yet to file a civil suit against either Charlie or Grover, and masochistically returns to Charlie's on a regular basis.

Charlie is generally neither seen nor heard, but communicates with Grover off-camera, through the swinging doors. In the "Charlie's Russian Restaurant" sketch (First: Episode 4111), Charlie's voice is heard, saying "Nyet."

Charlie either renovates his restaurant fairly often or owns and operates more than one eatery, resulting in Charlie's Al Fresco Cafe and Casa de Comidas. In the book Vegetable Soup, Charlie's Market delivers veggies to Cookie Monster by mistake. While they may be owned by different individuals with the same name, the service is typical of the restaurateur Charlie. He is also mentioned in the Shalom Sesame video, Welcome to Israel, where he works as an airplane chef.

"Charlie's Auto Repair" was seen on the carriage house in the arbor from season 39 through season 45, though whether or not it's the same Charlie is unknown.

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