Written by Sarah Albee
Illustrator Andrew Shiff
Published 1997
Publisher Golden Press
ISBN 030798818X

Chelli and the Great Sandbox Adventure is a 1997 Big Bag Little Golden Book. Chelli and Bag are playing in the sandbox, when Chelli realizes he's lost his red truck in the sand. His friend Kim helps, but they can't find the toy using their spoon and cardboard tube to dig. Passersby get involved -- a chef offers his colander to sift the sand, a dog-walker lets her dogs dig in the box, and Waldo Muckle, the inventor, brings his motorized Super-Duper-Truck-Retrieval-Scooper. Scientists, zookeepers, construction workers -- soon everyone from the neighborhood is helping to search for the truck. Chelli is delighted when he finally finds it -- and then realizes he's lost track of his blue car...

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