PERFORMER Bob Payne Chet
  Jerry Nelson Snooks
DEBUT 1979

Chet and Snooks are a duo of vaudeville-like Anything Muppets who randomly pass through Don Music's studio while he and Kermit are trying to figure out the next letter in The Alphabet Song. Snooks asks Chet if he knows why the fireman wears red suspenders and Chet eagerly tells him to say WHY, which causes Don to remember which letter he's looking for. A minute later, they reappear with the rest of the company to join in the song.


These two clowns are a reference to Sesame Street stage managers Chester O'Brien and his brother Mortimer, who were respectively nicknamed Chet and Snooks and had worked in vaudeville. The names were also referenced in a brief exchange of dialogue in an Old West sketch from Season 10.