Big Bird and Bob encounter a dragon puppet in Chinatown (Sesame Street Episode 1261).

Chinatown is a neighborhood located in downtown Manhattan, New York. The neighborhood as been used as the setting for several Sesame Street projects.

A number of inserts were taped in the area for season 10 of Sesame Street:

  • Big Bird and Bob discuss the area, where Big Bird admits to being afraid of the dragon puppets used in ceremonial occasions. (First: Episode 1261)
  • Big Bird telephones Mr. Snuffleupagus from Chinatown and describes a dragon puppet right next to him. Snuffy chuckles at the idea and compliments Big Bird's imagination. (First: Episode 1291)

The area would then serve as the bookending location for the 1983 special Big Bird in China that set Big Bird and Barkley off on their adventure. Over 20 years later, the location was revisited for The Magical Wand Chase, where a local girl named Lucy delivers a rap about the area and its culture.

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