Chispas de Informacion is a recurring news segment on Plaza Sésamo. It's hosted by a Multimuppet anchor, who takes the show into the field where Modesto Microfono interviews children about a task they'll be doing. Much like the Sesame Street News Flash segments, Modesto usually receives some kind of physical punishment at the end.


Picture Summary Earliest Known Appearance Description
Tying Shoes Episodio 829 Modesto interviews a boy who shows him how he ties his shoes. Modesto tries it himself, but ends up tying both pairs together and tripping.
Buttoning Episodio 838 Modesto interviews a kid who shows how he buttons his his coat.
Brushing Hair Episodio 879 Modesto interviews a girl who brushes her hair.
Riding a Bike Episodio 884 Modesto interviews a kid who is about to ride their bike. Upon passing by him, the kid knocks him into the bushes.