PERFORMER Chris Knowings
DEBUT 2007

Chris Robinson is the nephew of Gordon and Susan on Sesame Street, who first appeared in Season 38. Chris moves to Sesame Street in Episode 4136 and seeks a job to buy textbooks for school, but has little luck with his first three attempts.

  1. Count von Count wants to hire someone to exercise so he can count the exercises without paying the person.
  2. Cookie Monster wants a salesman to sell cookies, but can't bear to allow anyone to buy them.
  3. Horatio the Elephant wants a dance partner to work for peanuts instead of money.

Just as Chris is about to give up for the day, he sees Alan put a "Help Wanted" sign outside the window of Hooper's Store, and is hired as Alan's newest assistant.

Chris has a fraternal twin sister named Christy, who first appears in Episode 4231. He is shown to keep a comic book collection in Episode 5019. It is also revealed in Episode 4811 that he is allergic to cats.

Chris is somewhat prone to bad luck, often on the unfavorable end of the Muppet characters' hijinks. Some examples being when Abby Cadabby accidentally sends him to a frozen wasteland with her magic in Episode 5001, or in Episode 4722 when a leaky faucet keeps squirting him in the face.

Chris occasionally wears polo shirts with emblems of animals, a fashion choice that plays into the plot of the television special When You Wish Upon a Pickle, where his giraffe shirt is swapped with Elmo's sweater of Dorothy when they switch bodies.

Chris shares the same birthday as his actor, February 25, according to the "Ask Elmo" interview on Sesame Street's YouTube channel.


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