Chris O'Dowd is non-plussed by Miss Piggy

Chris O'Dowd (b. 1979) is an Irish actor and comedian who starred on the BBC series The IT Crowd (2006-2010) and more recently created, co-wrote, and starred on the Irish sitcom Moone Boy. His film credits include Pirate Radio and a leading role in The Sapphires (2012).

In 2012, O'Dowd encountered Miss Piggy on the red carpet for the BAFTA Awards, where he was nominated for the Rising Star Award. The actor said it was something he had dreamed about for a long time. However, when Miss Piggy suggests he actually say, on stage, that a moment with her is better than winning a BAFTA, O'Dowd visibly struggles.

In film, O'Dowd played supporting parts in Vera Drake, Dinner with Schmucks (with Steve Carell), and Thor: The Dark World and more substantial roles in Bridesmaids, Gulliver's Travels (the 2010 Jack Black version), Friends with Kids, Cavalry, and St. Vincent. Other TV work includes a recurring role on the HBO series Girls.

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