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At Writers' Guild Awards, 2013

Christine Ferraro.jpg

Ferraro (right) on set with Sherrie Westin, Julia, and Leslie Kimmelman.

Ferraro as a police officer in Episode 3427.

Christine M. Ferraro has been a writer for Sesame Street since 1994,[1] having written over 100 scripts for the series. She has won 15 Daytime Emmy Awards and 3 Writers Guild of America Awards.[1] as well as an American Ingenuity Award from The Smithsonian. She has also written lyrics for many Sesame Street songs.

Prior to becoming a writer, she served as a production assistant for the show in seasons 22 through 24. Ferraro has also made a number of onscreen cameos on the show, most notably a speaking role as a police officer in Episode 3427.

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