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Christine Ferraro 65th Annual Writers Guild IvMhn5x2P Ml

At Writers' Guild Awards, 2013

Christine Ferraro
Sherrie Westin, Leslie Kimmelman, Christine Ferraro

Ferraro (right) on set with Sherrie Westin, Julia, and Leslie Kimmelman.


Ferraro as a police officer in Episode 3427.

Christine M. Ferraro has been a writer for Sesame Street since 1994,[1] having written over 100 scripts for the series. She has won 15 Daytime Emmy Awards and 3 Writers Guild of America Awards.[1] as well as an American Ingenuity Award from The Smithsonian. She has also written lyrics for many Sesame Street songs.

Prior to becoming a writer, she served as a production assistant for the show in seasons 22 through 24. Ferraro has also made a number of onscreen cameos on the show, most notably a speaking role as a police officer in Episode 3427.

Writing credits[]


Home video and specials[]

Sesame Street episodes[2][]




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