DEBUT 1993

Clawed Badley is a feline mob boss who appears in the Dog City episode "Cats 'N Dogs." The elegant Manx is the cat counterpart to Bugsy Vile and controls the feline-heavy East Side. Kitty seemingly rejects Bugsy for one of her own kind and becomes Clawed's moll. Clawed is considerably more restrained and erudite than Bugsy, though, to his chagrin, his surname is the source of homophonic jokes ("You always treat your visitors so badly, Badly?") He plots to unleash a canine-specific flea-filled bomb on Dog City so his kind can finally take over, but Kitty's betrayal and Ace Hart's intervention foil the scheme.

Three of his key henchmen bear striking resemblances to Vile gang members Bruiser, Frisky, and Mad Dog, only as cats.

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