Clementine small
PERFORMER Brian Muehl 1980-1984
  Kevin Clash 1985-1987
  Camille Bonora 1987-1992
DEBUT 1980

Clementine is Forgetful Jones' long-suffering girlfriend. She gets frustrated about Forgetful's bad memory, and tries to help him remember.

She appeared on Sesame Street from Season 12 to Season 24. Her main function was to help Forgetful remember things, and while he appeared on the show without her very frequently, she was seldom seen without him. Notable exceptions include when she was singing about the house she grew up in (My Triangle Home) and when she told Gladys the Cow about responsibilities at the "R" ranch. She also took center role in a clip with Bad Bart coming to town, in which she warned the folks at the saloon about it, while Forgetful was playing the piano and had no lines.

Her name is a reference to the song "My Darling Clementine." She also appeared in the wedding finale of The Muppets Take Manhattan.


Book appearances

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