PERFORMER Bruce Lanoil face
  Jody St. Michael body
  Robert Picardo voice
DEBUT 1993
PATTERN Turtlepuss

The Clerk mans the Pangean government Office of Male Supremacy in the Dinosaurs episode "The Son Also Rises." A bespectacled, seemingly staid bureaucrat, the clerk possesses a nasal voice and fussy mannerisms.

When greeted by Robbie and Earl Sinclair, eager to challenge each other according to the Code of the Wilderness, he displays initial insistence that a well-crafted essay is a powerful way to teach someone a lesson, and that pent-up aggression should be unleashed on forms, so the carbon copies will be legible.

However, as the father and son continue to snarl and bellow at each other, the clerk finds himself becoming hot and bothered by the display of masculine aggression, and turning aside a portrait of his mother, presses a button to reveal the Pit of Death. Underneath his dull exterior, he's always considered himself a "Code of the Wilderness kind of guy" and eagerly serves as referee for the resultant match. Though he declares Robbie the winner (following interference by Fran), the clerk expresses mild disappointment at the lack of actual bloodshed or dismemberment.