Written by Harry Nilsson
Publisher EMI Blackwood Music Inc. and Golden Syrup Music

"Coconut" was performed in episode 410 of The Muppet Show by Kermit, who was in a hospital bed with a "twisted flipper." In the skit, the nurse, doctor, and hospital room all become gradually wilder until Kermit finally hides under the covers. When he re-emerges, the entire room is a jungle, the nurse has a painted face, and the doctor is a Witch Doctor. At the end of the skit everything returns abruptly to normal.

In a later Muppet News Flash sketch, the Newsman announces that Muppet Labs was recalling their line of hospital beds, such as the one Kermit is in during the Coconut number. Apparently, they had been built on an assembly line that used to make toasters. Kermit then promptly flew onstage and hit the Newsman.