PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 1992

Colambo is a Muppet lamb detective seen in a series of Sesame Street segments. His office is located at 45th and 8th Street in New York City.

Colambo was a semi-regular on the show from Season 23 to Season 27. Colambo once helped Kevin Kline (as Nick Chicken) solve the mystery of the missing chicken in Episode 3129. He was featured in his own sketches solving nursery rhyme and fairy tale cases, such as "Mother Hubbard's Heist." Colambo also made appearances in the street plots of Episode 3100 and Episode 3468. His last appearance to date was in Episode 3902 (Season 31), helping in the search for Oscar's pet elephant Fluffy.

The character is a parody of TV detective Columbo, who was played by Peter Falk. He shares Columbo's "One more question" mannerism, and often talks about his never-seen wife.

According to Joey Mazzarino, he originated the character in his audition script for Sesame Street.


Picture Title / First Appearance Description
The Lost Slipper Caper
Episode 2983
Colambo helps Cinderella figure out what happened to her glass slipper. The Prince shows up with it, and takes Colambo with him to the palace.
The Case of the Missing Pig
Episode 3112
Colambo interrogates Tom Piper's Son for info about a missing pig.
The Great Plum Plunder
Episode 3121
Colambo, in his office, decides to have a piece of Christmas pie, when he notices a plum missing from it. He asks the janitor, Little Jack Horner, some questions about what he was doing in the corner. It turns out that Jack had stuck in his thumb and pulled out the plum.
Mother Hubbard's Heist
Episode 3228
Colambo visits the home of Old Mother Hubbard to investigate a missing bone for her dog, Bootsie.
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