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Music by Roy Zimmerman
Lyrics by Zimmerman, Melanie Harby
Date 1992
Publisher Walt Disney Music Company

"Coldblooded Guy" is a bluesy number sung by B.P. Richfield as a gleeful celebration of his own corporate and personal malice, written for the Dinosaurs album Big Songs.

The track begins with Richfield ordering a silent Earl Sinclair into his trailer as usual to holler abuse and put-downs at him in time to the beat, before revealing why he treats Earl and everyone else around him so cruelly: he's "a coldblooded guy", as he gladly explains further. Throughout the song, B.P. cackles with delight as he recounts his many misdeeds ("I feed my dogs –⁠ to my snakes, that is"), proudly describes his utmost viciousness, and cracks puns about just how "cold" he is. Richfield even occasionally breaks the fourth wall to threaten the backup singers ("be quiet!") and musicians themselves ("get funky, or I'll kill ya!"); during the big jazz ending, he goes so far as to turn on them and order them to leave ("I hate this whole band! You're fired, get outta here!").


  • Sherman Hemsley, the voice of B.P. Richfield, was attempting his own musical side career at the time of Big Songs: he had already cut two singles, and would release an R&B album of original songs and standards, Dance, in 1992[1], even promoting it with an appearance on Soul Train. In 1999, Hemsley recorded and collaborated with Yes's Jon Anderson on a potential prog-rock concept album, Festival of Dreams, but the project never saw the light of day.[2]