Music by Stephen Lawrence
Lyrics by Emily Perl Kingsley
Date 2008
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
SJL Music Co.
First Episode 4186

"Come Along with Me" is a Sesame Street song performed in Season 39.

Alan alerts Big Bird, Telly, Abby and Elmo about the batch of tomato soup he's just prepared at Hooper's Store and invites them over. The four each sing about how they can get there - Elmo on tricycle, Abby by flying, Big Bird on rollerskates and Telly on pogostick - that the others unfortunately can't use. Alan points out they all don't have to go the same way, so they each use their own method of travel.

They are soon joined by a group of others - Grover riding Fred the Wonder Horse, Zoe dancing, a waddling penguin, hopping-skipping-jumping pigs, Katelyn in her wheelchair and Baby Bear and his scouts by marching. Alan is shocked to see such a large crowd for lunch.