Commander Slick Space Guy
PERFORMER Bill Barretta
DEBUT 1996

Commander Slick Space Guy is an astronaut who appears in the direct-to-video Things That Fly. He's recruited by Kermit the Frog and Lindy to help their friend Norberta find her way home in space.

Slick greets airline passengers at the airport (actually the California Museum of Science & Industry) for a tour of several artifacts from the history of space travel. He shows off the Mercury-Redstone 2 capsule which carried the first hominid (Ham the Chimp) to space in 1961, and the Gemini 11 capsule which was used to orbit the Earth by Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon in 1966.

His tour turns to song, "Countdown to Blastoff", which covers a number of NASA achievements illustrated using clips from dozens of missions including Apollo, Voyager, and the Space Shuttle.