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Members of People's Liberation Army in Big Bird in China

Communism is a political ideology and a specific branch of socialism. It generally seeks to establish a future classless, stateless social organization based upon common ownership of the means of production (in some ways, not unlike Doozers). Though it has its roots in the writings of Karl Marx, Communism has taken many forms, and is always set up in stark contrast to capitalism.


  • In a Wilkins Coffee commercial, Wilkins, in Soviet Russia, asks for Party Line Coffee. Wontkins suggests Wilkins Coffee, and is upbraided as a traitor for selling "capitalist coffee." Wilkins then surreptitiously orders two pounds of Wilkins, to be sent through the back door.
  • China has been a Communist nation since 1949, although its form has been modified somewhat in recent decades. Members of China's People's Liberation Army (formerly the "Red Army") can be seen pointing and smiling at the capitalist visitor Big Bird in the TV special Big Bird in China.
  • The Creature Shop TV movie Animal Farm is adapted from George Orwell's political allegory, satirizing Communism and how its theories are belied in practice.


  • In a 1971 editorial from Louisiana newspaper The Councillor, a critic accused Sesame Street of being radical and pro-Communist, claiming that the show introduces "tots to real live Reds, and sugarcoats those Reds to make them look like good guys. An excellent example is Pete Seeger...."
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