Characters and alter-egos assumed by Cookie Monster in Muppet productions.

Picture Role Production / Notes
Cookie ernie Ernie Sesame Street Episode 0158

Bert says that he's seen Ernie eating cookies. The culprit turns out to be Cookie Monster, disguised with Ernie's hair and shirt.

Cookiethief The Great Cookie Thief Episode 0276

Cookie Monster is outlawed as "The Great Cookie Thief."

Doctor-monster Doctor Monster Episode 0691

Cookie Monster pretends to be a doctor so that he can trick Ernie into giving him an apple.

Cookie bunny
The Cookie Bunny Episode 1187

Cookie Monster poses as the Cookie Bunny, who leaves cookies for kids to find (and for him to eat).

Cookieredhood Little Red Riding Hood Sesame Street News Flash

Little Red Cookie Hood brings cookies for his sick grandmother, but Kermit the Frog tells him that sick people should have healthy foods.

Caseymcphee Casey McPhee, the Engineer "The Ballad of Casey McPhee"
Alistair-Cookie Alistair Cookie "Monsterpiece Theater"
Eyelids-cookie Little Boy Blue Big Bird's Mother Goose
BabyCookie Baby Cookie Sesame Beginnings and The First Time Me Eat Cookie
A cookie Sesame Street Halloween card

Cookie Monster dressed as a cookie to go trick-or-treating.

Cheshire Cookie Cat Abby in Wonderland

Cookie Monster plays a cat from Cheshire in Abby Cadabby's dream.

Monster Gaga Saturday Night Live

Cookie Monster as a musical guest for Saturday Night Live.

Macarooner Saturday Night Live

Cookie Monster as Macarooner, a parody of MacGruber.

Woman Saturday Night Live

Cookie Monster as a woman.

King Sesame Street Episode 4075

Cookie Monster as a king.

Cookie hulk
The Hulk Episode 4525

An entry of Cookie's Crumby Pictures features Cookie Monster as The Incredible Hulk.

Cowabunga Cookie Shark Episode 4632

In a Sesame Street turned ocean, Cookie Monster is transformed into the Cowabunga Cookie Shark.

Cookiegorgon Sharing Things

In a viral video spoofing Stranger Things, Cookie Monster plays the role of the "Cookiegorgon" (spoof the series' Demogorgon), a monster from the dimension of Snack-Side Down. He arrives on Earth to chow down on some Halloween treats.

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