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Note: [[Animal]] eating can be impersonate Cookie Monster. For example in [[The Muppet Movie]] he ate a cymbol and a seat cusion and his eating is just like Cookie Monster

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Characters and celebrities pretending to be Cookie Monster.

Picture Impersonator / Production Notes
Anything Muppet girl
(First: Episode 0623)
Cookie Monster shares his cookie with a sad-looking, hungry girl. She eats it in the same manner he does.
Bo Jackson
(First: Episode 2841)
Bo knows a lot of things, including cookies, which he eats in Cookie Monster fashion.
April Fools SSmag76 - Betty Lou as Cookie Monster
Betty Lou
Sesame Street Magazine, April 1976
Betty Lou gobbles cookies from a cookie jar in an April Fool's Day spread illustrated by Joe Mathieu.
Buffy and the kids
Episode 1215
Buffy and the kids imitate the sounds of animals inside their book. The book also contains an image of Cookie Monster and they all yell, "Coooookie!"
Candice Bergen
(First: Episode 2710)
Candice lip-syncs to a cassette of "C is for Cookie," ending by eating a cookie like him.
Season44-Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria
Episode 4411
Hank Azaria pretends to be Cookie while explaining the word "impostor."
Harvey P. Dull
The Furchester Hotel
"Mr. Dull's Chair Repair"
To keep his mind off his broken chair, Mr. Dull is given a lesson on eating cookies by Cookie Monster. Mr. Dull impressively devours the cookies the same way as Cookie Monster, who deems him his start pupil.
The Kids
Sesamstrasse Folge 2672
Some kid talk about their favorite parts of Sesamstrasse. One pair imitate "Krümelmonster" with a puppet and a bowl of cookies.
Mr. Noodle
The Street We Live On
The Elmo's World question of the day is how Cookie Monster eats cookies. Mr. Noodle demonstrates after much trial and error.
Olli Dittrich
Olli explains to Elmo what an impostor is (like the Hank Azaria sketch) by pretending to be Cookie Monster.
Oscar the Grouch
Shalom Sesame
"Kids Sing Israel"
Sarah Jessica Parker, visiting Rechov Sumsum in Israel, believes she recognizes Oscar from America. Oscar instead claims to be Cookie Monster and asks for a cookie.
H role reversal
Prairie Dawn
Episode 4097
In the "Letter of the Day," Prairie knows Cookie Monster will eat her letter "h" and goes through one of their typical encounters, imitating his voice and mannerisms. She gets so caught up in her impression, she eats the letter herself.
When Cookie Met Sally
Cookie and Sally have lunch at a deli together, gobbling down their dessert cookie in the same way.
Sally Field
Episode 2921
Telly's lunch date with Cookie Monster is canceled, so Sally Field fills in, pretending to be him.
Susan Sarandon
Episode 3428
Susan Sarandon takes a lesson from Cookie on how to eat a cookie like him.
Taraji P. Henson
Saturday Night Live
Henson appears in a fictional episode of Sesame Street as her character Cookie from Empire. Cookie Monster appears alongside her and offers her a cookie. She says she doesn't share and gobbles it down herself as he would.
Telly Monster
Episode 3098
With his cast on, Telly demonstrates how he can eat a banana - like Cookie Monster.
Whoopi Goldberg
Episode 3615
Whoopi shows Telly and Big Bird the art of acting. She claims she's always wanted to pretend to be a monster, specifically Cookie and eats some prepared cookies like him.

Note: Animal eating can be impersonate Cookie Monster. For example in The Muppet Movie he ate a cymbol and a seat cusion and his eating is just like Cookie Monster

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