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Prairie Dawn Invites 3
Episode 0248
Prairie Dawn invites Grover to dinner, but Grover can't go without Herry, who can't go without Cookie Monster. After inviting all three of them, Prairie realizes that they are not cats.
The Eyes, The Nose, and The Ears
Episode 2838
Prairie Dawn talks about three important parts of the face which are the eyes, the nose, and the ears, with assistance from Cookie Monster. Prairie agrees that cookies can be seen and smelled, but not heard - unless eaten by Cookie Monster.
Nature walk
Episode 2955
Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn are out in the fresh air. Cookie Monster can't get over that she did not bring any cookies. She tries to get his mind off cookies by getting him to focus on the clouds, trees and flowers. Everything he sees reminds him of eating cookies, such as the flowers. But Prairie Dawn reminds him that if he ate all the flowers, there wouldn't be any left for other people to enjoy.
Cookie Monster Wants Prairie's Cookie
Episode 3188
Cookie Monster wants Prairie Dawn's cookie and makes Cookie Monster imagine the potential consequences for his actions. Cookie Monster imagines various ways of trying to get the cookie. First, Cookie Monster imagines himself having a temper tantrum, realizing that it would hurt his fists. Then he tries to pounce on the cookie and then imagines himself stealing the cookie, and gets arrested by a police officer. Just when Cookie Monster eventually runs out of ideas, Prairie suggests that he asks her and he does, and gets half of the cookie.
Little House on Prairie
Episode 3207
In a "Monsterpiece Theater" presentation, Prairie stars in "Little House on Prairie," then "Little House Under Prairie." When it's time for "Little House in Prairie," she points out one can't put a house inside them. Cookie Monster proves her wrong by eating it.
The First and Last Cookie
Episode 3224
Cookie Monster is about to eat cookies when Prairie Dawn asks him which cookie he will eat first. He then panics when he's about to eat the last cookie, thinking that that will be the last cookie forever.
Closing the Cookie Box
Episode 3521
Prairie Dawn demonstrates the word of the day, "closed", by closing three tin cookie containers. Cookie Monster desperately wants the cookies, but must wait until Prairie is done. Once the lesson is over, Cookie attempts to open the boxes, but finds that all of them are stuck. Undaunted (and not wanting to wait until the word of the day is "open"), Cookie eats the cookies and the containers.
The Cookie Game
Episode 3770
Prairie Dawn plays a game in her home with Cookie Monster, where Cookie must locate a cookie without seeing it. Wearing a blindfold, Cookie is able to identify the cookie, a plate, and a telephone by feeling them, smelling them, and eating them.
Episode 3838
Cookie Monster demonstrates how you can learn about cookies by asking questions. Prairie Dawn just happens to be nearby with a plate of cookies that Cookie Monster can ask questions about.
Drawing a Computer Cookie
Episode 3889
Prairie Dawn shows Cookie Monster how to draw a picture of a cookie on a computer. He learns that he can't eat the computer screen, but he can eat a printed picture of the cookie.
Tea Party
Episode 4040
Cookie wishes to join Prairie's tea party, but he lacks an invitation. She offers him the one in her hand, which he eats (as well as her teapot).
Cookie Helps Prairie Get Equal
Episode 4511
Cookie Monster helps even out the number of Sweetie Pie scout cookie boxes Prairie has.

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