Walk-around costumed versions of Cookie Monster created for stage and public appearances, including Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place.

Outside of Sesame Place, Cookie Monster appears at SeaWorld parks, Busch Gardens, Beaches Resorts, Universal Studios Japan, Parque Plaza Sésamo, Universal Studios Singapore, PortAventura, Selva Mágica, and La Feria Chapultepec Mágico. Cookie also appeared at the now defunct Tokyo Sesame Place, and formerly appeared at Parque Hopi Hari in Brazil and Sea World in Queensland, Australia.

Like all the other Sesame Street characters, Cookie Monster was originally designed and fabricated by the Muppet Workshop, who eventually handed these duties over to VEE Corporation.

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
Holidayonicecookiemonster Mid-late 1970s Holiday on Ice and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street Mostly appeared silent, but would sometimes be performed to a vocal track by Frank Oz.
Full body cookie monster 1st live 1980 A Sesame Street Mystery: The Case of the Missing Rara Avis Performed to a vocal track by Frank Oz.
Cookie monster sesame place walk-around 1987-on Sesame Place
Anna Jane Hays and Cookie Monster
Early 1990s Children's Television Workshop staff event An unknown event at what is now Sesame Workshop. Seen with Anna Jane Hays.
Cookie sesame place japan
2000s Tokyo Sesame Place This version is a lighter shade of blue.
Sesame Place 2009 Halloween Cookie Monster
2009 Sesame Place, Halloween
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.19.21 PM
2011 Singapore Mall Shows Closer in color to the puppet version. Like the other Singaporean costumes, this one does not have a moving mouth. Also, his eyes aren't googly; they're fixed in place.
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