Cookie Monster at Universal Studios Japan

Walk-around version of Cookie Monster created for public appearances, including Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place. Cookie Monster first appeared in walk-around form in the Ice Follies in 1974. He made his debut at Sesame Place in 1987, and also appears at the park's Mexican counterpart Parque Plaza Sésamo.

Outside of Sesame Place, Cookie Monster can also be found at SeaWorld parks, Busch Gardens, Beaches Resorts, Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Singapore, PortAventura, La Feria de Chapultepec, and Selva Mágica. Cookie also appeared at the now defunct Tokyo Sesame Place, and formerly appeared at Hopi Hari in Brazil and Sea World in Queensland, Australia.

Ice Follies (1974-80)

Cookie Monster as he appeared in the Ice Follies. Fabricated by the Muppet Workshop.

Muppet Workshop (1980s)

Cookie Monster as he appeared in Sesame Street Live and at Sesame Place during the 1980s, fabricated by the Muppet Workshop. Cookie made his debut at Sesame Place in 1987.

VStar & Animax (Current)

Cookie Monster currently maintained by VStar Entertainment (nee VEE Corporation) and Animax Designs.

Seasonal/special attire


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