Written by Michaela Muntean
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published 1990
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Sesame Street Good-Night Stories
ISBN 0307121143

Cookie Soup and Other Good-Night Stories is a 1990 Sesame Street storybook that includes three short stories.

In "Big Bird and the Lost Bear," Big Bird plans to take his teddy bear Radar to school for show-and-tell once he can get him fixed up again. But when he gets home, he can't find him anywhere. He asks all over Sesame Street: Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Luis... but none of them have seen Radar. As Big Bird walks past the Wash and Dry Laundromat, he sees his Granny Bird in the window. She has come to visit and presents Radar to him all clean and fixed.

"Cookie Soup" tells the story of the lucky day Cookie Monster decided to make dinner for Ernie. As Cookie heads for the kitchen, Ernie tells him that they there's no food in the house and that they have to go food shopping. Cookie solves the problem by staking out the last oatmeal cookie in the house and sets out to make cookie soup, an old Monster family recipe. After plopping the cookie into boiling water, he decides it needs more flavor and ends up adding a whole slew of vegetables and some leftover roast beef Ernie had in the fridge. As they dig in, they can't wait to tell Bert all about the soup they made with just one cookie.

Grover recounts the story, "Never Ask a Honker to Spend the Night." His cautionary tale includes a long list of when Honkers honk: while they eat, when they say hello to your Mommy, when she makes you popcorn, when it is time to go to sleep, and so on. After a night of sleeping in the hallway with earplugs in, Grover remains a very tired little monster.

Other editions

The book was reprinted in 1997, ISBN 0307295036.

The three stories were reprinted in a 2017 collection, 5-Minute Stories.

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